I install and update my add-ons through the Twitch app. Nothing else at all. So the only assumption I could make is, the Twitch app has screwed up my addons. Just a heads up for people who are using the Twitch app. This is the first time this has happened to me btw. Exception was Shadow Unit Frames though.

So I had to go to the website for this one. Twitch dun goofed, this happened regularly before but now they apparently have switched retail and classic for everyone.

I heard it should be fixed now. This happened to me around an hour ago. But thank god, the reinstall feature fixed majority of the addons, or else, I would have had to go to the individual webpages for each add-on, manually unzipping and installing them in to the add-ons folder…. After I got wrong game version errors in game I went back and looked at twitch. Something must have been up on the twitch server side I think. Happened to me again yesterday too, fortunately caught it before updating.

Completely exiting and restarting the Twitch client appears to resolve it.


Yep, I just open Twitch, wait a few seconds, and it starts writing over many of my addons with the Classic version. If anyone has a fix for this, would love to hear it - TIA.

How to update wow Addons

Curious if everyone else having this problem also has Sync on. Just speculation but it seems it may be whenever the Classic version increases it messes up Twitch. Im having an issue where addons arnt updating - they just hang - i think twitch broke something with their most recent update.

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Here we go again. After a couple of months without this issue, just had it again today. Several of my addons are now reporting updates available… to classic versions! Same here, reinstalled the offending ones and the next day they were showing up as classic versions again.

This might not apply to everyone, but here goes. I was able to fix majority of the addons by using the reinstall feature within the Twitch app. Thanks for the reply. This actually happened to me yesterday. This is still happening, it did it to me this morning, again. I have this issue every freaking week. Happened to me. Wish this could get fixed!

What does it mean when your browser is managed by your company

Has it happened to you again since you switched it off?If you use World of Warcraft addons in your Twitch app but the streaming platform is unable to find your addons, use the solutions presented in this troubleshooting guide to solve the problem. If your World of Warcraft addons are nowhere to be found after you upgraded or installed the Twitch app, this solution should work for you. If there are multiple World of Warcraft copies installed on your device, this might explain why your addons are not visible.

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how to update wow addons with twitch

Fix 2 — Enable the correct WoW profile If there are multiple World of Warcraft copies installed on your device, this might explain why your addons are not visible. To fix this, you need to select the correct install path for WoW. Then check if the addons are visible. We hope something helps.

how to update wow addons with twitch

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Question self. Is there something obvious that I'm doing wrong? Does Twitch even support Classic yet? Are the Classic Addons even being hosted by Twitch? I really hope there will be something more lightweight for classic. I just want a programm to install my addons with not have complete twitch integrated in, but I guess it's just too convinient as it is to just develop something similar without all the other stuff in it. Sadly Twitch doesn't support Classic properly yet, so you'll have to use WoW interface.

They have a program called "Minion" that kinda sucks, but at least it supports Classic Though I had to manually point it to the file. If Twitch still doesn't support Classic when it launches we'll be forced to manually update Twitch does have some Classic addons, you can only sort by 1. I didn't know about "Minion". But it looks like the app hasn't been "released" as complete since September 8, ? BTW, if you do use Twitch's curseforge. Otherwise you'll get the Retail version.Shadowlands LiveStream Recap.

Official Returning Player's Guide. Other related subreddits. Frequently Asked Questions about Shadowlands. Frequently Asked Questions. Classic WoW Edition. Support Request Twitch App Update self. Its gone more shit, It was annoying when it went from Curse to Twitch, but at least I could load the app, it would list world of warcraft add-ons straight away and I could just hit update and close it.

It seems to have defaulted to picking random installs of the game I've got PTR and LiveThe new bigger lists doesn't sort properly, and instead of going to at least warcraft it defaults to another page. New update is terrible. I only use twitch to update addons and quit.

Now I have to jump through hoops to get to my addons.

how to update wow addons with twitch

Pretty sure this is a scheme to stop using browsers for twitch because browsers oftentimes have ad blockers. You can set it to open straight to the mods page at least, so just one click to get to wow.

Still a shit update but at least you can still turn off sidebar and load straight to mods. Yeah, I wish wowinterfaces downloader was more robust, but I always had issues with it so was stuck to using curses.

I can't recall it was many years ago. WowInterface had a client, which was pretty bad, then they replaced with with "minion" i think it's called now for mmoui, but addon developers fairly so use curse as I think its probably better for them. Yes, you'd be downloading an addon from some other site, but without using that site's client and thus not generating any ad revenue for them. The ads displayed were feeding only wowmatrix, but the bandwidth was being paid for by other sites.

how to update wow addons with twitch

More than that, they would put donation links into the addon's zip files and description page without the author's knowledge. Of course, those went entirely to the site and not the author.

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Wow didn't realise it was that bad, I knew there was some drama, but the wowace and the original curse client were alot better back in those days so I didn't even bother trying wowmatrix.

Lol sorry, i'm just being grumpy that the change is shit and not needed, but we get it anyway because its free and really there's not much else we can do about it. Wowmatrix is still bopping around. Only reason I don't still use it is just one of my add-ons isn't on it, and I'm a lazy asshole who cba updating that one add-on manually. The last twitch client update really messed things up. The sort options seem to reset every time you update a single addon, and the refresh thing never seems to work.

The UI also just looks worse and makes it harder to tell which addon needs updating with a quick glance. This new update is horrible; it was already a bloated and obnoxious piece of shit but with some settings you could make it tolerable. If you click on your name in the top right and click on settings, then click on the Addons tab you can at least turn "Show my Addons at launch" on.

I haven't figured out how to make it automatically go into World of Warcraft addons, but at least it's only a single click away with that setting enabled. I didn't run into this issue. You might need to close the app before saving the. I had a load of addons listed as needing updated although I ignored it as I'm in the UK and won't do it until tomorrow.

As an update to this Came here to say the same thing. Its gotten so bloated. I have no interest in watching streams on twitch at all, and if I did whilst sitting at my pc I'd just go to the website instead of do it from inside an app.

The bloat frustrates me, the sorting is messed up, the fact that I can't go directly to my wow addons anymore is bad, half the settings don't work.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 6 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts PM. Thread: New Twitch app update. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page:. New Twitch app update So it happend - It got even worse. Now I haft to have a clunkier design, that looks ugly with less features and to get to addons for wow I haft to click 2 times.

Any way around this. I found 1 google result talking about blocking the update via firewall revert back to old version I guessSo bad WTB curse updater circa ? Reply With Quote. Originally Posted by Djuntas. So it happend - It got even worse.

Yeah new twitch app is pure garbage. It doesn't even do it's main function that is updating wow addons properly. You have to restart it every time in order for it to detect new versions of addons, because refresh button doesn't do anything at all. Haha, thanks for this post.

I was hoping that I wasnt the only one that got a jacked-up update. Originally Posted by tehdef. Originally Posted by Mardux.For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.

Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Are you a member? Sign in now. Remember Me. Not a member yet? Sign up now. Enter your email address and follow instructions to reset your account password! Nowadays, most games seem to be played with addons and mods.

This is especially true for PC gamers.

How to install the Questie addon in WoW Classic

While there are some modding clients on consoles, addons and mods thrive on PC games, providing graphical updates and at times seemingly entirely different gaming experiences.

One of the biggest clients for addons on PCs is the CurseForge client, a reputable and well-known source for addons and mods for quite some time. Originally a stand-alone product, the company was eventually bought by Twitch. Since that merger, players using CurseForge for their addons have needed to go through the Twitch desktop app to access their addons. This access alone was a big enough draw for millions to end up downloading the Twitch client, as the title holds countless mods for seemingly endless titles.

In a surprising move, Twitch has announced that they have sold CurseForge, the home of many mods, including WoW's addons, to Overwolf. With this change, Addon management will be leaving the Twitch Client in the near future, moving to Overwolf app.

Twitch Announces Sale Of Curse Addon Client, Which Holds Millions Of Mods For World Of Warcraft

Interestingly enough, Twitch has seen fit to sell CurseForge over to a company known as Overwolf. Overwolf states that this is because they want to generate revenue with the addons to help make their creation a genuine profession.

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